Hi, nice to meet you ...

My name is Elizabeth Busch. Certified Professional Life Coach, with a soft spot for people dreaming about change.

Throughout my life I've lived in Auckland, New Jersey, Ottawa, Ulm, Berlin, and now back in good old Auckland again. I've completed a Master's in Psychology, a Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction, and worked in corporate IT as 'User Experience Specialist' for several multi-national companies.

Five years ago one sunny September day, I decided to quit my well paid IT job at Nokia in Berlin, sell my belongings, and join my boyfriend (now husband) on a 12-meter yacht as he sailed across the Pacific.

This decision was a long time coming, but it consolidated a basic principle that I strive to embody in life: you have to go for it!

Whatever it is in your heart that you are dreaming of – even if it's currently just an inkling of an idea of a dream – move towards it!

Be daring. Be bold. Be frightened. Make mistakes. Be stupid, even. But whatever you do, don't be timid and regretful.

I've been disillusioned with the world and found hope again in the smallest things. I've fallen apart and pulled myself back together just a few more times than I'd like to admit. And I've learnt the hard way that true contentment comes from nothing more than identifying what's most important to you in life, and clearing the path so that you start a life that reflects that.

For me, that means helping passionate people connect with their personal power, inner motivation, and happiness. And perhaps one of those people is you ...