Life coaching - a resource for better living houseonhill

We are living in a time of unprecedented opportunity, making it's easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, or "not enough."

Based on my training with the Internationally Certified Leadership That Works program, my approach revolves around the goal of awakening your personal power so that you can live an authentic, joyful life.

Take advantage of this program if you want to:

  • Come into a positive relationship with yourself, so that you can be more confident, secure, and bold in how you live
  • Find clarity and direction around where you're headed
  • Build essential life skills such as calmness, self-motivation, or decision-making, so that you can take advantage of all life has to offer
  • Identify and resolve stubborn inner blocks that are sapping your energy and keeping you stuck


Become the person you want to be (without rejecting the person you are)

SilhouetteA big part of my coaching philosophy is centered around the idea of alignment.

As humans we are made up of many different parts, each of which has it's own thoughts, emotions, and agendas.

For example, there might be a part of you that wants to start your own business, but another part which is terrified of leaving the security of your current job. Or a part of you that wants to live healthier, but another part that gets easily stressed and deals with that by eating and watching TV.

When our parts are in conflict, we get stuck in cycles of struggle – making progress some days (or months, or years), only to revert back to old habits during times of stress. The way to bust out of these cycles of stuckness is not by pushing harder, but by fundamentally changing how we relate to ourselves and to the world.

By finding ways to become more aware, accepting, and intentional about who we are and how we live, we can finally resolve the inner and outer conflicts that keep us stuck, and start walking firmly on the path of happiness and life-long growth.


Tailored support for life-long learning

Access to more energy, passion, happiness, and confidence comes from flexing your internal 'muscles.' When working alone, however, it's easy to fall into the trap of unconsciously flexing certain 'muscles' and not others, creating an imbalanced experience of life.

As a life coach, I'm trained to notice the ways in which you are subconsciously creating imbalances that sap your own energy. Based on this awareness, we will work together to find your center (and your laughter!), and systematically create the victories of character you need to embark on your next adventure in life.

I'm not saying this will always be easy, but what it will be is thrilling, freeing, and deeply fulfilling! By the end of the coaching process, you will have shifted the trajectory of your life into a new direction; you will have a valuable set of self-created resources on which to base positive action and authentic decision-making over the years to come; and you will, most importantly, feel more confident and happy in who you are.

To help you build up this solid foundation for life I will:

  • Give you full permission to be yourself in our sessions
  • Provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for you to deeply explore your dreams, passions, needs, values, and limitations
  • Guide you towards creating empowering perspectives that actively pull you forward instead of holding you back
  • Model the skills you need to identify negative cycles of stuckness and creatively bust through them
  • Challenge you to speak your truth, make bold choices, and be true to yourself in ways that make you feel happy and energized

The reason why life coaching is so effective is that I'll be there every step of way on your path to transformation. I'll point out your blind spots, challenge you in areas you would otherwise avoid, and offer compassion and support exactly when you need it.


You are a Beautiful Thread

I chose a career as a life coach because I believe at my core that each of us is a worthwhile, resourceful, creative individual who (with a little support and encouragement) can contribute amazing things to the world.

I'm here to give you permission to live your life as you, in all your messy complexity, and for you, in service of your own happiness. Because I know that if we all did this, our society would be a stronger, better, more vibrant place to live in.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if this message speaks to you. The world is waiting for you to step up and shine your authentic light ...