Life Coaching FAQs

What is coaching?

Coaching is a deep and ongoing relationship based on the principles of connection, growth, and self-responsibility.

The partnership you form with your life coach is different from most other relationships you'll form in life, in that it is fully accepting and non-judemental. The coaching process is a thought-provoking and creative endeavor focused on inspiring you to improve your outlook on life, and unlock previously untapped potentials.


Is coaching like psychotherapy or counseling? 

No. Coaching is different from therapy in that it focuses on personal growth rather than healing emotional trauma.

In contrast to most therapeutic relationships, coaching is firmly focused on the future and the life you want to live, rather than on reflecting and exploring your past.


So as a coach, you get to tell me what to do, right?

Nope! The role of a life coach is not to direct you, but to provide you with the support and tools you need to figure out what you want for yourself.

My goal is to 'teach you how to fish,' so to speak. I'll guide you to develop long-term skills such as self-connection, confident decision-making, and the ability to challenge your own limitations without fear, which will in turn enable you to create for yourself whatever it is you want in life.


Why should I invest in a life coach?

There are many reasons to hire a coach, but at underneath it all we have the same goal: personal transformation and the ability to live a better life.

Transformation doesn't happen magically, however. It takes time, effort, self-awareness, and the willingness to get curious about your approach to life. Hiring a coach creates an oasis of calm and focus – a safe place where you can explore your inner world, and challenge yourself to do things differently in service of your own happiness.

By choosing to invest your precious time and money in coaching, you send a strong internal message saying: Yes, this is a priority in my life. Yes I am commited to doing what I need to do to make my life bigger, better, and happier in the long run. That's a powerful commitment, and part of what makes coaching so successful.


What is a typical coaching session like? 

In a given coaching session you can expect powerful, clarifying questions, focused discussion to help you connect more deeply with your authentic self, and flexible guidance as you tap into your ability to live an happy, fulfilling life.

As we connect I'll present different perspectives to help you engage with old problems in new ways, which you are free to take or leave as you wish.

At the end of each session we'll define a set of actions and reflections for you to explore, to be followed up the next session to provide accountability (if accountability is what you want).


How many sessions will I need?

It depends. Some people only need one session to push themselves out of a rut. For many clients, 4 -8 weekly sessions are enough to find movement, while others will come for many months as they explore deeper blocks or set themselves new goals over time.

I do recommend committing to at least 6 sessions if you want to make significant changes in your life. This allows us to build up a solid foundation for lasting change, as well as overcome the bigger hurdles and resistances that tend show up around the 4-6 week mark.


What's the investment?

My payment structure is simple and competitive: $115 per one-hour session, and $95 per session if you sign up for 6 sessions or more.

The most important investment you will make into life coaching is the time, energy, and attention you're willing (or able) to put towards creating shifts in your life. For this reason I'll be asking questions during our initial consultation to make sure that you are committed to making significant changes at this point in your life.

I'm also dedicated to providing coaching to people who need it, so for those truly struggling to make ends meet, I offer a sliding scale by negotiation.